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About me

As a little boy, I was impressed by ‘Such a night’ by Elvis Presly. Especially the drumming at the end. I kept playing that part of the record. Many years later I drummed in the drum band of the primary school, the Stella Matutina school in Nijmegen, under the guidance of mr. Clarijs.

I learned the real drumming from Wim Arendzen, a free jazz drummer who played in the Peter Haex Trio, played in several bands in the Bimhuis, had his own Wim Arendzen Trio and later he was the drummer of Jazzebel, a jazz band in Zeeland.

After my military service I played drums during the study in a number of bands, for a long time in Prufrock.

Via The Rhythm Factory in Werkhoven I bought an electronic drum kit, a Yamaha XPress. I still use this set a lot.

As a kid I was impressed by the drumming on this record (‘Such a night’).

First festival for Prufrock.

We played a lot of songs, from The Beatles and Rolling Stones to Elvis Presley and The Police, from U2 to Joe Jackson and The Jam.

Drum demonstrations are great fun. In the movie in the class of my son Niels.

Drumming is fun. Making music together. Like in jam sessions, here is café Bartje in Santpoort-Noord.

Making music with the band B-Busters and a performance on December 7, 2019.

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